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Money, Markets, Movement, & Methods: Partnerships

Your Business Will Need More Than Advice

Every driven business-minded person deserves the opportunity to start and grow a prosperous venture. Each year a select few are chosen to join the Executive Entrepreneur Thinking Virtual Incubator (EEThinking VI) Lab, design to streamline positive growth for those that opted to use small business as an investment tool.

Jonyprofit provides the small business development and growth model of higher success in the four comprehensive phases below.

01. Money

Small business starts and ends with money. Most business-minded people have never focused on the start of business.

EEThinking VI Lab teaches you how to always start by finding the money.

02. Markets

Markets thrive on the flow of money. Business-minded people fail because they focus too much on customers instead of markets.

EEThinking VI Lab helps you track the flow of money to specific markets.

03. Movement

Small business owners mistakenly focus on their passion instead of on movement within a market. Most move the wrong way.

EEThinking VI Lab directs you to activities created by market movements

04. Methods

Your methods directly impact your profit and loss. How you do things must be supported by why you take methodical actions.

EEThinking VI Lab produces the resource workflow to maximize methods

We Want Business-minded People Like You

EEThinking VI Lab wants to work directly with business-minded people that want to focus on the money, markets, movement and methods.  Advice, consulting and random professional services is not enough to give you the business advantage.

Market Research

We will lead the process for finding new opportunities throughout the world that meet our money, markets, movements and methods criteria.

A solid business starts at this phase of the life cycle. Small business owners focus to much energy on methods such as marketing, networking and social media before they find movement in markets with money. Apply today if you want to start the right way!

Project Planning

Small business owners often gloss over planning because they feel they can wing-it. That’s why most never reach their goals. They often plan around the moment, their passion and a fantasy.

Determined business owners seeking to build a small million dollar a year or more revenue stream have access to the same tools billion dollar companies use. That being said, they cannot plan like a billion dollar organization. Do you want to use planning the smart way?


Small business owners often fail to realize that they will actually go broke if the business does not make money automatically. Understanding various business methods, models and management tools provides Executive Entrepreneurs the resources to systematically make money through a business.

Our Philosophy

If at first you don’t succeed, it’s because you did it wrong. Go find out what you don’t know, then take absolute action. Become the best by only engaging the best! Small business is an investment tool and should be treated as such. Do what you’re good at then spend on what you love.

Current and Future Executive Entrepreneur Thinking Virtual Incubator Lab Projects


We are proud to begin our journey in Squash, Master’s Track & Field and Personal Fitness. Providing top athletes access to best active markets. Player personality and fan entertainment development.

Broadcast Production

Providing the best personalities a platform to reach the masses with metrics and measurement as the guide. Community Business Hour 90.1 FM KPFT, YouTube Channels, Live Event Streaming.

Service Sector

The ability to point small service businesses in the right direction is crucial. All the marketing, social media and advertising in the world will not grow your business in a declining market.

Product Sector

Many business-minded people create great products and marketing plans but completely lack the planning and automation to scale up and get out of the day to day activities.

Incubator & Partnership Opportunity Available Now

Jonyprofit is always looking for business-minded people that want to go to market to win. If you would like to learn more about the approach and strategy, click the button to start the connection.

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