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What do you want from your business?

Who Does Your Business Serve?

Your business should serve your needs. Unfortunately, most people working with small business development programs and local business plan competitions are mandated to drive new jobs and more revenue through your business. You will spend thousands of dollars and hours chasing the goals of:

  • Banks through business plan loan packages experts.
  • Colleges needing higher enrollments and grant funding.
  • Chambers recruiting associate level memberships
  • Governments proving diversity in contracting.
  • Social Media Companies promoting advertising experts.
  • Faith-based groups sponsored by banks, colleges, chambers.

Each day you encounter experts in hiring, social media, search engine optimization, marketing, life skills, soft skills, culture development, public relations, and most business functions. 

After 35 years of working behind the scenes, I want to focus my energy on getting you what you actually want through your businesses. I will not discuss the history of your business financials and customer lists until we clearly understand your goals and expectations for the only life you get. 

Any business you start should be your investment tool. A tool that is strategically designed to meet your needs. It is not all about the money. Your business can serve to connect with others, earn money, build equity, help people and much more. You should have someone who understands that your business is an extension of you. The feedback you receive should sound like personal a financial adviser rather than a corporate MBA. The advice you act on should encourage you to be more strategic in thought and then tactical in action. 

Life is as hard or easy as you want it to be...

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