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John Whaley MBA, PMP, CAPM - Business Development Project Manager

Drive Ideas Forward - Outcome Based

Business consultants, coaches, advisors, mentors, classes, workshops, programs, and seminars are great for helping you discover new ideas and perhaps keeping you accountable. That said, we are a business development-project management firm, our core mission is to convert your great-sounding ideas, concepts, and business plans into strategic action steps that lead to measurable results that align with your vision. The people we work best with do not need more great advice or trendy ideas; they need someone by their side that will get things done. We plan, build, and integrate the resources you need to reach your operational business goals. We manage your next action step.

Our focus is on planning and integrating ROI strategies, problem-solving, logical structuring, financial analysis, market research, business process, digital transformation, go to market strategies, business model expansions, exit strategies, and family succession planning.

The following section outlines our high-level agile project management professional workflow we customize to reach your vision:

• Lead efforts to analyze, evaluate and formulate recommendations/ next steps on a variety of strategic initiatives; Establish a business case/ financials associated with the business vision; Document the business development project charter and create clarity amongst everyone involved with the project development and business operations.

• Drive market/industry research and benchmarking efforts to quantify and define the value proposition associated with business initiatives.

• Organize the structured use of data-driven analysis to quantify problems and identifies solutions across a variety of functional areas such as operations, marketing, human resources, technology, finance, and quality management.

• Develop, manage, monitor, and control project plans that specify goals, strategy, staffing, scheduling, risk identification, contingency plans, budgets, and resource allocations.

• Maintain effective and efficient communication of the business project materials with the internal and external team/partners for consensus on goals, timelines, budgets, and resource deployment required to meet the objectives.

• Detect and resolve risks and issues through the duration of the business development project. Use metrics and data to determine risk at the beginning of each project and assess risk throughout to detect situations that may cause financial risk to the project initiative and its timely completion.

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