Think Bigger

Plan Harder

Work Smarter

Are You more tactical or strategic in your business?

Growing Your Business Requires
More Strategic Thinking From You

If your business were…

…a sports team, do you think like a team captain or the head coach?
…an airplane, do you think like an aircraft mechanic or an experienced pilot?
…a fortune 100 company, do you think like a department manager or the chief executive officer?

Your Mindset - Perspective - priorities - Skillset - Toolset - Outcomes

We focus on your return on life, while other business development programs talk about the exit strategy.

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What do you want from your business?

Who Does Your Business Serve?

Your business should serve your needs. Unfortunately, most people working with small business development programs and local business plan competitions are mandated to drive new jobs and more revenue through your business. You will spend thousands of dollars and hours chasing the goals of:

  • Banks through business plan loan packages experts.
  • Colleges needing higher enrollments and grant funding.
  • Chambers recruiting associate level memberships
  • Governments proving diversity in contracting.
  • Social Media Companies promoting advertising experts.
  • Faith-based groups sponsored by banks, colleges, chambers.

Each day you encounter experts in hiring, social media, search engine optimization, marketing, life skills, soft skills, culture development, public relations, and most business functions. 

After 35 years of working behind the scenes, I want to focus my energy on getting you what you actually want through your businesses. I will not discuss the history of your business financials and customer lists until we clearly understand your goals and expectations for the only life you get. 

Any business you start should be your investment tool. A tool that is strategically designed to meet your needs. It is not all about the money. Your business can serve to connect with others, earn money, build equity, help people and much more. You should have someone who understands that your business is an extension of you. The feedback you receive should sound like personal a financial adviser rather than a corporate MBA. The advice you act on should encourage you to be more strategic in thought and then tactical in action. 

If you own and operate a small business, then you are the business! You set the tone, culture, pace, values, and goals for your team. If you are wearing too many hats and struggle to get your team to help you grow the business, then you are in the right place to start working smarter rather than harder. Introducing our newest small business OWNER development program. Jonyprofit founder of Executive Entrepreneur Thinking Presents…

You Are The Business


You Are The Business – Grow Your #1 Investment Tool is a 90-day transition program that will change the way you see, feel, and interact with the world around you. This is not another tactical tips and tricks session. This program is about positioning you around the people that will value and appreciate your skills, talents, and experience.  Executive Entrepreneur Thinking provides the framework you need to transition your mindset then transform your business. Most small business programs focus on the tactical tips for your business Revenue and Jobs. Here you focus on strategic planning to improve your quality of life and income.

Click the Buy Now button below if you are READY and WILLING to transition your mindset from working tactically to thinking strategically about your life as well as allow us to share the framework that makes you ABLE to transform your business.
This 90-day program will only require a $7500 investment from you to reserve your spot. Only 10 spots are available. The next sessions begin in January 2020. Buy Now, this is first-come, first served. John “Jonyprofit” Whaley

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Let's Go, Let's Grow, Let's Make A Deal

Mental Clarity

Phase 1: Networking Up!

  • See More, Do More.
  • Who Knows You?
  • Engage. Evolve

Financial Control

 Phase 2: Get Strategic

  • Research – Market
  • Develop – Team
  • Deploy – Solution

Return On Life

Phase 3: Take Action

  • Be Known
  • Be There
  • Make Some Deals


Working Together...

The changes you experience will be transitional. You will quickly evolve from the tired “Star Player” to the winning ” Head Coach” and finally the true wealth “Team Owner” of your business. Move from working on, to working in, and eventually working through your business as an investment tool

man in video conference call



2 GoToMeeting Videocalls Monthly to discuss:
Plan. Practice. Proceed
Recording Available

Maps and dashboards for planning



Wins. Losses. Resources
Keep Moving Forward
Update On Shared LivePlan Account and Emails

Man on phone



12 – 24 hour response.
“Hey I was thinking…”
“Is this right…?”
Text Me Directly

Mapping growth opportunities



Massive 48″ x 36″
Strategic Map of the Vision 
Email and Mailed to you
Communication Clarity

Business Vision Map logo

Transition Your Mindset. Transform Your Business

For a fraction of what you have given away hoping others would grow your business through tactical gimmicks and fads, you can reserve your space right now to join the ones that have experience a true awakening. We are dedicated to focusing on only 10 members at any given time. Your investment for the next 3 months will empower you to strategically leverage the $100’s of thousand you already spend on people, places, and things. Start thinking to win rather than just to survive. If you are ready to grow, let’s go!

TALENT FOR HIRE: You will have access to the advanced skills and experience listed below…  

Business Advisor / Counselor – Think through that carefully…
Business Coach – Do this and let’s win…
Life Coach – Is it important to you, who’s dream are you living…
Business Developer – Here’s what we can scale by then…
Chief Marketing Officer – We need this to drive sales and brand…
Director of R&D – Here is where industry and customers are going…
Fitness Buddy – Can’t spend it if you’re sick or dead so eat, sleep, move…
Relationship Coach – They don’t want your money or the legacy…
Motivational speaker – I did, you can, no whining, just winning…
Business Architect – Everyone can clearly see your vision now…
Networking Buddy – If you don’t call them, I will, we’re Deal Makers…

Daily access to this suite of advanced skills via email or text!
Weekly progress, planning, and follow-up via email and LivePlan
Monthly multiple strategic actions meetings via GoToMeeting (with recording)

30 yrs. of business, 20 yrs. directly working with small business owners like you, plus the MBA, BA, AA, and years of networking throughout society.

John Whaley aka Jonyprofit
Socioeconomic Translator

2018 Houston District Small Business Administration – Minority Small Business Champion of the Year – EEHOUR LLC

[Special December Only Offer of $15,000 for 3 Month You Are The Business Transition Session]
Compare Cost: If you recruit, interview, background check, hire, onboard, train, equip, and deploy someone part-time that did just 2 of the 11 disciplines listed above, you would need to invest upwards of $25,000 with no guarantees.

Life Lessons Learned and Shared

jonyprofit team captain


Leadership, Health and Fitness, Team Work, Practices, Influence, Position, and Roles

jonyprofit mba


Evidence Base Research, Communication, Project Management, and Financial Responsibility

jonyprofit flying cirrus


Checklists, Discipline, Environment Based Planning, Mental Focus, and Continuous Learning

jonyprofit SBA award 2018


Empathy, Dedication,
Sharing, Giving, Listening, Learning, Spokesperson, Educator
jonyprofit 10ksb


Center of Influence, Mindset, Expectations, Practice Set, Skillset, Toolset, and Outcomes

"The hardest thing about business is getting you out of your way"

- [email protected]




Your ability to empower your team with the best tactical actions require strategic planning on your part. You should have a systematic approach to guiding your team towards your defined business goals. Join the thousands that have experienced the transition from work on to in your business

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